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Nancy Vandermey at the Feline Conservation Center took these beautiful photographs of the Pallas cats there. Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized photos!

The Pallas cats arrived in 2003; I hope kittens will be on the way in 2004! Please contact Nancy at the FCC address if you wish to use her photos- she was very nice and allowed me to put them here. Thank you Nancy! Also, the FCC may be able to sell you some prints of the photos if you're interested in purchasing them.

Boris Boris! Boris! Boris! Boris!
Ginger Ginger! Ginger!
Nikolai Nikolai! Nikolai! Nikolai! Nikolai!
Olga Olga!
Petruschka Petruschka! Petruschka! Petruschka!
Sonya Sonya! Sonya!
Yuri Yuri!

Nancy Vandermey © 2004